Full Time Remote – Must be legally eligible to work in Canada or the U.S.

About Commit

Commit is the first professional network founded by software developers that puts the career needs of Startup Engineers first. It’s not a job board, it’s a collaborative, remote community with life-long peer-to-peer support, personalized career development, and unique access to startup opportunities.

This is an exciting opportunity to join our Support Team, which is made up of the people responsible for running our business and supporting customers – our Engineering Partners (EPs). Everything we do is guided by our key operating principle: Do what’s best for our Engineers. 

About Zero

Zero is an open-source tool that uses industry best practice tools and technology to start new production-grade applications instantly while giving users full control and flexibility. We are making life easier for startups and startup engineers and our goal is to have every new startup launching their project with Zero. 

As one of the early core members of the Zero team and the first Developer Advocate, you’ll be able to have a huge impact on the direction of the product, build and nurture a thriving community, and be able to contribute meaningfully to technology that will help people and startups all around the world.

About the Role

If you’re less familiar with the role, responsibilities, and career path of a Developer Advocate, feel free to check out our recent panel with some experts!

As the Developer Advocate, you will be responsible for building and managing relationships with users of Zero and the community members who want to contribute to the project. Reporting directly to the Chief Architect, you will work internally with the Zero dev team as well as cross-functionally with the growth and marketing teams and many other people to drive growth, awareness, and adoption of Zero.

  • You will communicate with people who are using the tool, help support them, gather feedback and surface it to the Zero team, and represent the community within Commit. 
  • Learning is a big and mostly untapped aspect of the project so you should have a strong passion for learning and helping other people learn, to help create and guide the learning experience and documentation. 

Previous experience as a Developer Advocate is not strictly necessary. People in this role often come from pure tech backgrounds, but have additional passions around community, learning, etc. We’re happy to help you grow into this role.

The ideal start date for this role is as soon as possible, though able to accommodate for the right candidate.

In this role, you can expect to:

  • Drive adoption of Zero with early-stage startups and support them in their use of it
  • Keep an eye on other similar tools in the market, the pros and cons of each, and comparisons to Zero
  • Become familiar or masterful with the constellation of technologies included in Zero to be able to contribute to planning and suggesting features and priorities
  • Do some amount of development work in the project to get a good fundamental understanding of how everything works
  • Drive the development of a learning experience around Zero – help craft an experience that allows Zero users to not just accelerate their project but also become an expert with industry-leading technologies
  • Work out loud! – Deliver compelling talks, blog posts, demos, and discussions. There’s a ton of cool tech in Zero and plenty of ways we can share knowledge and experience.
  • Maintain a credible presence in social channels relevant to community members
  • Gain recognition as an attendee and speaker at relevant conferences and meetups
  • Build relationships with enthusiasts, leaders, and members of other communities to spread awareness of Zero
  • Collaborate with other functional areas at Commit, specifically the growth team to help support the broader organization. There is no expectation of prior growth experience, but you should be excited to learn!
  • Divide your time fairly evenly between development work, internal growth, and external advocacy, depending on your preferences and the needs of the team.

You may be a good fit if you have:

  • Experience delivering quality software or previous experience in a similar community-facing role
  • Experience with modern SaaS ecosystems including use of cloud providers, CI tools, Docker and Kubernetes, 12-factor apps, etc.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills and are comfortable speaking in front of and engaging with community members
  • Experience contributing code to open source projects, with an understanding of the community aspect of open source
  • A focus on personal growth and learning, and a passion for helping others learn

Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion: 

As an early-stage startup, we know it’s critical to build inclusive processes as a part of our foundation. In our shortlist (our top 5 candidates), we are committed to having a minimum of 3 candidates who self-identify as women and/or 3 candidates who are part of underrepresented minority groups.