Full Time Remote – Must be legally eligible to work in Canada or the U.S.

About Commit

Commit is the first professional network founded by software engineers that puts the career needs of Startup Engineers first. It’s a collaborative, remote community with life-long peer-to-peer support, personalized career development, and unique access to startup opportunities.

This is an exciting opportunity to join Commit in building this world class network of engineers by continuously finding new ways to revolutionize the remote work space and scale our community programs.

Why we need you

We’re looking for a Head of Community that has an appreciation for developers and developer tools and would thrive at supporting the remote-first engineers that manage their careers with Commit.

The ideal candidate would be passionate about connecting and connecting with people, developing micro-communities around specific interests (ie. ML and data science, engineering management, etc) to help our engineers to build deep and meaningful relationships and create events, programs, and initiatives to grow the community. 

In this role, you will be responsible for both the strategy and execution of building out this remote-first technical community.

Strategic Responsibilities include:

  • Growth: working alongside our Growth team to build networks with engineers and startup partner tech teams and use these relationships to raise awareness of Commit, increase Commit adoption, and nurture Commit champions
  • Direction: identifying new strategic engagement opportunities that align with both the engineer’s journey and growth objectives
  • Setting KPIs: developing metrics that help us understand the health of the community and its initiatives; analyzing those metrics and providing insights to our Customer Success team re: feedback on community initiatives and industry trends & insights

Tactical execution of strategy through: 

  • Events: organizing online/virtual engineer-focused events that support learning and development such as user groups, hackathons, and classroom type engagements, for both current and new Commit engineers
  • Online Discussions: facilitating regular engineer discussions in communication channels (Slack and platform) 
  • Content: curate a catalog of Commit Community content derived from community members and other functions within Commit focused on learning and growth and sharing of Commit experiences

Who you are

  • You are passionate about the craft of software development and love supporting other engineers
    • You are excited about supporting other engineers to pursue and build thriving careers. This may mean utilizing the community to advance their technical skills or understanding the need for mentorship or coaching for essential skill advancement
    • A background in computer science, experience with development, or experience working closely with a technical founder would be considered an asset. 
  • You’re a relationship builder.
    • You authentically connect with everyone you meet, and seek to provide value regardless of the type of business relationship that results.
    • You know that strong professional networks are the result of building deep, trusted relationships 
  • You are passionate about building an inclusive community around learning and collaboration. 
    • You surround yourself with a community of peers to augment your own learning, and want to help technical founders do the same.
    • You welcome community discussions and different points of view
    • You may have previous experience participating in and organizing a technology community 
  • You believe that online communities are the future, and are excited about what you can do with a community that is not limited by location.
    • You might have experience building online communities, or you may just be an active member of online communities yourself. Regardless, your strategy for community building doesn’t rely on physical gatherings.

Applying to Commit

Please attach your resume in the link below, along with a short summary (no more than 3 sentences) referencing the communities that inspire you personally, and why. Feel free to include a link to a personal blog, your Twitter feed, or any other medium that you feel provides helpful context on your background, if you have one!

Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion: 

As an early-stage startup, we know it’s critical to build inclusive processes as a part of our foundation. In our shortlist (our top 5 candidates), we are committed to having a minimum of 3 candidates who self-identify as women and/or 3 candidates who are part of underrepresented minority groups.