Full Time Remote – Must be legally eligible to work in Canada

About Commit

Commit is the first professional network founded by software developers that puts the career needs of Startup Engineers first. It’s not a job board, it’s a collaborative, remote community with life-long peer-to-peer support, personalized career development, and unique access to startup opportunities.

This is an exciting opportunity to join our Support Team, which is made up of the people responsible for running our business and supporting customers – our Engineering Partners. Everything we do is guided by our key operating principle: Do what’s best for our Engineers. You can learn more about what it’s like to work at Commit here.

If you’re interested in solving problems facing startup engineers, please continue reading.

Why we need you

Commit’s Engineering Partner program pays selected entrepreneurial engineers to improve their skills and explore roles at startups that are working on the most interesting, ambitious problems, all while skipping the traditional interview process.

Our Growth team is responsible for increasing the number and quality of Software Engineers (aka Engineering Partners) at Commit. We know the types of engineers that Commit can help, and have built an initial playbook based on our personal network. We need a diligent, relationship-minded individual to deliver an outstanding experience to applicants of our Engineering Partner program.

As Commit’s first Sales Engineer, you’ll work closely with our VP of Growth and CTO on our program intake experience. You’ll be the first point of contact with engineers who apply to Commit, and responsible for building rapport, setting expectations, vetting them, and answering questions that arise from Commit’s Engineering Partners and Startup Partners. You will directly influence our ability to scale our program cohorts.

What you can do

  • You can build authentic relationships.
    • You can authentically connect with everyone you meet, and seek to provide value regardless of if they become a customer. You are a strong communicator, and love to share experiences.  Ideally you’ve had previous experience talking to customers and solving their problems.
  • You know that inspiration comes from deeply understanding customer needs.
    • As the initial point of contact and face of Commit to our applicants, you will have expert authority on their experience and pain points as software engineers. You’re comfortable synthesizing these learnings, and sharing them with our growth team to inform strategy, collateral and expansion opportunities.

Who you are

  • You’re at ease talking to startup engineers. You know enough about code and technology to bond with software engineers. You might have a background in computer science or a related field. Your belief in technology’s ability to solve problems (and a general understanding of technical concepts) is more important than your coding credentials.
  • You “give to get”. You have a strong spirit of service, and lead with value.
  • You’re data-driven. You know when to turn to data, and when to draw insights from conversations. You’re comfortable making proposals on how to improve sales processes based on your firsthand experiences in sales conversations.
  • You’re interested in startups, and know what makes for a compelling startup engineer. You follow the startup landscape and have opinions on what makes a startup engineer succeed. We have an internal playbook honed by our own experience, but are keen to learn from you.
  • You are excited about working remotely & asynchronously. You’re pumped about the flexibility to work from wherever (in North America) is best for you right now and playing a vital role at Commit in defining the future of work. 
  • You know the rules, and you know when to break them. You speak your mind with conviction but without ego. We’re still writing the playbook at Commit, and while some pieces just need edits, some need to be built from the ground up.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • This is an externally facing role – you’ll spend most of your time meeting with startup engineers, understanding their problems, and assessing if Commit can solve a problem for them.
  • Identify the blockers for an applicant in joining Commit, and overcome them.
  • We have a V1 application, call script and scorecard that you will help augment.
  • You’ll partner with our VP of Growth to help our hiring team meet and exceed quota based on your insights in the sales process.

Applying to Commit

Please attach your resume and cover letter to the link below, along with a short summary (no more than 3 sentences) referencing any prior experience in technical sales (or working with startup engineers). Feel free to include a link to a personal blog, your Twitter feed, or any other medium that you feel provides helpful context on your background, if you have one! 

Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion: 

As an early-stage startup, we know it’s critical to build inclusive processes as a part of our foundation. In our shortlist (our top 5 candidates), we are committed to having a minimum of 3 candidates who self-identify as women and/or 3 candidates who are part of underrepresented minority groups.