Proven Technology or New Tech? 3 Tips for Startups

“Deciding whether to use off the shelf software or investing time and energy into building your own tools from scratch can be one of the most difficult choices a startup makes in its early days. That goes double for technical founders who like to build and want to come to market with something special.”

Advocating for Women in the Tech Space

Everyone can be an ally for women in tech. What you can do to support and advocate for women in the tech field may not be so obvious but that’s okay because we’re here to help you be a better ally for anyone who identifies as a woman.

Top Book Recommendations from our Engineers (and other team members)

We have a slack channel dedicated to books recommended by our Engineers and other team members. It’s a great source of new reads and a way to pique interest on topics we might never have thought to read about (like pirates….real ones). Here are some of our top picks, based on Slack engagement.

Committed to Success: Vahed Qazvinian and Ken Klein of Praisidio

Vahed Qazvinian and Ken Klein are the co-founders of Praisidio, a talent risk management startup based in San Francisco. We talked to Vahed (CTO) and Ken (CEO) about Praisidio and what it’s like working with Commit.

Committed to Success: Brennan Spellacy of Patch

Patch needed to build its founding engineering team. When Brennan Spellacy came to Commit, he had no one, and needed more firepower—ideally someone more competent than himself.

Building technical teams that are intentionally remote

Remote work has always existed, but it became the norm in 2020. The sudden shift to working from home meant everyone was acutely aware of the intentionality required to create an inclusive, dynamic remote environment.

Open Source Sundays: Building a user management solution using ORY Oathkeeper and Auth0

The combination of Oathkeeper and Auth0 is not a common use case, but it’s an elegant configuration-driven setup. It enables us to decouple our business logic from our user sign-in logic. That’s beneficial for microservice architecture scenarios — as our application scales, we can reuse our user authentication logic across all our services.

Committed to Success: Mohit Gupta

Mohit Gupta is a Commit Engineer who joined FNX Technologies as Software Engineering Lead earlier this year. We talked to Mohit about his journey to Commit and FNX.

How you hire has a huge impact on who you hire

Ask most software engineers; they’ll tell you the interview experience sucks, and shows little of their capability to solve complex real-world technical issues within a team and with resources at their disposal.

Committed to Success: Eric Lin, Director of Engineering at Dapper Labs

Eric Lin is the director of engineering at Dapper Labs. We asked him a few questions by email about his experiences working with Commit.