Committed to success: Frans Tjallingii of 7 Generation Capital

“Many good engineers already have a steady job—enticing them away into a riskier startup role can be tricky. The engineers at Commit know what they’re getting into and Commit helps de-risk the process, which makes it easier for everyone involved.”

Committed to Success: Alex Ince-Cushman

“We believe bringing together a relatively small group of incredibly talented folks will produce considerably more interesting and impactful outcomes than a much larger team that’s sprinkled with mediocrity.”

Committed to Success: Andrew Lukonin

“The startup scene is more my forte. It’s faster paced, with more responsibility. It’s not just that your decisions have a greater impact, it’s that you hold much more responsibility. I felt enticed and excited by that.”

Committed to Success: Curtis Smith of Certn

“They literally saved me hundreds of hours, and they helped us scale through a period of hyper growth by adding some really core pieces to the team.”

Committed to success: Djordje Vujatovic

“Certn is different because they have a great company culture, a good product and a great team. They also encourage learning new skills and will financially support you with that.”

Committed to success: Brian St. Amand

“Every startup struggles with being in a little bubble, and Commit can help with getting out of that bubble.”

Committed to Success: Ev Haus of ZenHub

Ev Haus is the head of technology at ZenHub, the leading GitHub collaboration and project management suite. GitHub empowers teams all over the world to work together on innovative projects. We asked him what it’s like working with Commit.

Committed to Success: Mike Murray of Scope Security

Mike Murray is the founder and CEO of Scope Security, which provides technology security solutions tailored to the healthcare industry. We asked him what it’s like working with Commit.

Committed to Success: Brennan Spellacy of Patch

Patch needed to build its founding engineering team. When Brennan Spellacy came to Commit, he had no one, and needed more firepower—ideally someone more competent than himself.