First Line of Code: Dieter Shirley – Part 1

“One analogy that has really struck me this year with our team is that building a product is like pushing a boulder. You spend all this time pushing the boulder uphill and it’s so hard and it’s so much work. But when you catch on in the market, suddenly you’re running downhill after the boulder, running as fast as you can to keep up.”

Learning swiftly: My hackathon onboarding project

“Commit Engineering Partner Sarah Mattar discusses her approach to learning Swift and creating a Slack app.”

Advocating for Engineering: An interview series with Goodwater’s Khang Tran — Part 3

“If you’re doubling every year, that means half the team is new, and only some set of people have all this knowledge. If they don’t document it or onboard well, the new people don’t learn it. So knowledge is lost or at least siloed and culture tends to dilute unless you proactively try to find a way to reinforce culture.”

The Great Resignation: Thriving in a remote-first world with Prit Patel — Part 2

“Most people think collaboration is about helping other people, which is important. But it’s also about being brave enough to ask people for help. Many of us don’t out of fear of looking dumb. But I spend the vast majority of my week talking to dozens of startup founders, and every single one of them says that they appreciate when people ask questions early and often.”

Docker is in the details: My hackathon onboarding project

“Fábio Miranda is a Commit Engineer who specializes in developing Web Applications and sees beauty in designing systems and making sophisticated requirements and technologies evolve into simple solutions and unique user experiences. He enjoys spending time with family playing video games, watching movies, and traveling.”

First Line of Code: Ian Wong of Opendoor – Part 2

“Even though there might have been a lot of discussions before, once you agree on a decision, you have to commit to it and stay connected as an executive team.”

First Line of Code: Ian Wong of Opendoor – Part 1

“You have to ask yourself, how unique is this problem? And to the extent that it’s unique, how important is it to solve the problem well? What are the solutions that are going to really give your company a competitive edge vs. what are the ones that are important, but aren’t the ones that you want to put a lot of innovation energy into?”

Advocating for Engineering: An interview series with Goodwater’s Khang Tran — Part 1

“Invest in engineers and make them part of the conversation when it comes to planning and setting goals. Instead of just saying that I’m going to hold a hard line at 20% allocation on x, I’d rather empower someone to have a seat at the table and drive the direction of what we’re going to do.”

Committed to success: Frans Tjallingii of 7 Generation Capital

“Many good engineers already have a steady job—enticing them away into a riskier startup role can be tricky. The engineers at Commit know what they’re getting into and Commit helps de-risk the process, which makes it easier for everyone involved.”

P2P Q+A: What are your tips and resources for growth hacking?

In this edition of our peer-to-peer Q+A, Commit community member Fábio Miranda asks for suggestions to help Engineers learn and progress with growth hacking.