Committed to Success: Xavier Del Castillo

“I would say that doing some introspection work to realize what you want is very important, because that’s how you can make the most out of your time with Commit. It’s important to spend some time thinking about what you want to do, take a walk in the mountains, whatever it is.”

Career Transitions Series: Values

“Our values can be fluid and change over time. The values you held 5 years ago may be vastly different than what they are today. If they haven’t changed that much, that’s OK! As time passes, we may start to form different opinions about the places we work, the importance of different factors around work, and the field(s) we are a part of.”

DJL: Testing Deep Learning Object Detection using Java and Spring Boot

“Pedro Cavaléro, created a web app that allows the user to choose a model from tensorflow hub and an image and the objects in the image will be detected.”

Enhancing Destiny: My hackathon onboarding project

“Commit Engineer, Luke Swamy, discusses how he built an application using Go.”

Committed to Success: Eliana Lopez

“I really enjoy working in a startup environment because you can grow faster, you have more responsibilities, and you need to work with different technologies. Startups are a big opportunity to grow, so I loved the fact that Commit worked with startups and that they were trying to find engineers with that startup mindset.”

3 Lessons Learned from Technical Failures at Facebook, Wattpad, and Hashicorp

True or false: You’ve failed at something in your career before. If you answered false, well that’s a bit hard to believe, but it just means there is still plenty of time to fail. And that’s a good thing.

How to Prepare for a Technical Interview

Technical interviews can be challenging. What algorithms should you know? How can you best answer behavioral questions? We address some of these questions and more in this article!

Improving travelers’ experience by tracking their expenses: My hackathon onboarding project

“Commit Engineering Partner, Saulo Aguiar discusses how he built a travel expense tracker.”

Advocating for Women in the Tech Space

Everyone can be an ally for women in tech. What you can do to support and advocate for women in the tech field may not be so obvious but that’s okay because we’re here to help you be a better ally for anyone who identifies as a woman.

What led software engineers to Commit?

It’s normal these days to have a non-linear career path – we find a cadence between taking a break and working, which may also include switching companies.