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Commit is built to enhance the career experience for entrepreneurial engineers
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Working with
Commit is not a job.

We are a community of mission-driven, Entrepreneurial Engineers who are passionate about startup projects. Work on challenging projects that align with your interests, while gaining exposure to multiple startups and opportunities. Build your skills while you build your career.

Refocus Career Mission

Find your passion and get opportunities to apply frontier technologies in the field.

Explore Opportunities

Look for the most challenging projects and exciting companies to work at.

Elevate Your Tech Skills

Partner up with senior engineers in the network with just as much passion.

Where we’ve
come from

We’ve built successful startups, we’ve built large scale systems, we know what it takes to balance speed and quality. We’re creative, we’re entrepreneurial, we apply lean startup and agile best practices to projects we’re passionate about.

Remote yet co-located

We see Commit as a way to pave a new career path for the future of Entrepreneurial Engineers, so we’re set up as a hub-and-spoke model that combines both remote working flexibility and a centralized space for the team to meet regularly.

The Commit
Partnership Model

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Growth Focused

We love to work with frontier technologies and provide ways to train you up on new skills and stay ahead of the curve.

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What our engineering
partners have to say

  • 01 / 03
    Clara Tsang
    Commit Engineering Partner
    Commit offers me a flexible working situation where I get to work on a wide spread of projects to build my career. It’s an amazing opportunity to learn from such a great community of engineers and choose from projects and technologies that actually interest me and can lead to exciting long term opportunities.”
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  • 02 / 03
    Bill Monkman
    Commit Engineering Partner
    I joined Commit to work with inspiring engineers and to help me renew my focus on what I'm most interested in working on”
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  • 03 / 03
    Sim Brar
    Commit Engineering Partner
    Commit is the perfect place to make a career transition. I can try new startups without the time suck of interviews or blotches on my resume. I also avoid the financial risks and admin of going on my own as a freelancer”
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